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Customer Help - Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about our Man and Van, Rubbish removal services.

Man And Van, Rubbish Removal, Booking Frequently Asked Questions

Read more about our man and van services in london, chelmsford and surrounding areas and how we provide them.

Common booking queries answered

Man And Van Faq's

Do I have to lift a finger? No, we do all the lifting and disposal of rubbish into our van. You can sit back and relax but feel free to help if you like.

Will you tidy up? Yes, we will make sure we sweep up to ensure there are no small annoying bits left leaving your space nice and clean.

Is there anything you don’t take? Yes, we cannot take any toxic material, gas canisters etc. This service is for general rubbish, like your old belongings, garden fences, flooring, mixed construction items, carpet etc. If you are not sure please email or call us.


How do I know my load size? Check out the guides on the Rubbish Clearance page. Sometimes people underestimate how much junk they have. If the service selected is less than what you need you’ll need to buy another service. If you do this on the spot the same driver will wait while you do this and continue to fill (they will be able to estimate the total load required after seeing your rubbish). For example, If you need another 1/4 load we will send you a payment link. Maximum we can take is one full load, but can come back for more ofcourse.

What happens with my waste? All of our carriers are registered licensed waste carriers – meaning you can rest assured your junk will not end up at the end of the road. We sift your waste and recycle what we can.

You can get a quick web quote online by filling out or Rubbish Clearance Quote form or you can contact us directly through email where we visit and confirm a price on site completely free. You’ll only be charged if you go ahead with the quote from our partner.

D&D Waste use best in class technology and our payment providers are fully secure. You can check them out here Braintree and Stripe

Whilst this list is not definitive, we can remove the following:

  • Bulky waste such as sofas, armchairs, beds, divans, tables, chairs, cupboards, desks
  • Electrical waste (WEEE) such as lamps, bulbs, microwaves, ovens, cookers, computers, hair dryers, toasters

Heavy and dense waste such as bricks, rubble, soil and plasterboard. For larger amounts of these waste streams we would recommend to contact us directly.

There are some waste streams we cannot ordinarily remove due to health and safety or compliance, but if you contact us first we can usually provide a bespoke solution.

  • Raw food and meat such as category 3 ABP waste
  • Licensed and unlicensed asbestos
  • Working around needles and sharps
  • Chemicals and solvents including most paints

Estimating and quoting

We charge based on the volume of waste we collect, which is estimated and a fixed quote provided before we undertake the work. We have a maximum estimated weight of 100kg per cubic yard (0.83m3), which means heavy and dense waste such as bricks, rubble and soil could cost more and it could be a skip will be more suitable for large amounts.

Sometimes it can be hard to accurately gauge how much you have to go. You can use our website to help and we typically give the guide of 2 small domestic washing machines is around the same size as 1 cubic yard (0.83m3).

However customers can also email a list of items, a description of the waste or ideally send a photo of the waste. This will allow us to provide a much more accurate estimate of the collection size you require before booking.

Bulky waste is typically around 50-60kg’s per cubic yard whilst heavy and dense waste could weigh as much as 1 tonne for a single cubic yard. For this reason we will always ask whether you have any heavy and dense waste such as bricks, rubble and soil, as this may impact the cost or mean we recommend a skip hire service instead (which we can supply).

As a guide bricks weigh around 2kg each, a rubble sack usually weighs around 20-30kg and a tonne bag full of heavy and dense waste can be anywhere from 350kg – 1000kg.

As long as you don’t have anything dramatically heavy weight will not be an issue and not usually something to consider from a cost perspective.

If wish to be charged by precise weight we can provision this service and would charge off a calibrated weighbridge, but this would be a bespoke service booked separately with minimum charges.


We offer AM, PM and 2 hour time slots. By default we book customers for an all day collection as this allows us to optimise our routes to minimise mileage and make our service more environmentally friendly and cost less.

However customers can request a time slot, ranging from a free morning or afternoon slot to a two hour premium arrival slot which costs £20.

Our hours of operation are typically 8am to 8pm although in exceptional circumstances we can arrive outside of these hours.

We arrive on time in almost all cases, but there can be exceptions, for example if the previous job has a lot more waste than expected. We will do our best to keep you informed and you will receive an alert when we are on the way.

We very rarely miss these time slots but if we do we will issue a refund on the additional charge (£20). We will be able to offer a free alternative time slot or if you are still happy for us to attend, we will continue, but still issue the refund.

When we are on the way you will receive an SMS and an email from our Man and Van team which will tell you the estimated arrival time, the vehicle attending and a tracking link, so you can monitor the progress in real time. Typically this will give you at least 30 minutes notice.

We can also give you a call when we are on the way or if you need more notice we can usually accommodate this.

You don’t need to be in, in order for us to collect your rubbish. However you must have prepaid for your waste or be immediately contactable. Even if you have prepaid for your rubbish we recommend you are contactable in case we have a query.

If you are not going to be in it is important the waste is very clearly identifiable and where possible we would recommend a photo is sent to us in advance, which we make available to our removal team on the day.

Please remember if we cannot contact you for payment or if the scope of the collection is not clear, the removal of your rubbish may not take place and extra charges may apply if we need to re-attend.

Yes, we have a  fleet of 3 owned and operated vehicles and almost 10 directly employed staff. This allows us to offer a consistent D&D Waste service across the country and provide the highest levels of compliance. All of our vehicles are tracked and monitored.

We used a mixed fleet. These include our aluminium chassis luton style vehicles which are perfect for home and business waste, to our fleet of cage tippers which are ideal for construction waste. We also have some sprinter style vans which can be useful when there is low access.

In reality we could send any of our vehicles, and as we charge primarily off volume, as agreed up front, and not ‘full loads’, it won’t have any impact on the cost of the service.

The customer is responsible for ensuring we have somewhere safe and reasonable to park. It does not have to be off road but if we do need to park on the road and have to pay for parking we will ask the customer to cover this.

There are not usually any extra charges for collecting your waste due to the location. There are however some exceptions which may increase the cost, including:

  • Parking restrictions preventing easy access to the waste and the team having to park much further away
  • High rise building with a lift unavailable for removal on larger collections
  • High security access control preventing easy access through the building
  • Waste located in a field or some way away from the road

Location of your waste

Whilst this list is not definitive, we can remove the following:

  • Indoors including upstairs
  • Outside including gardens

We cannot remove rubbish from locations where there is a health and safety risk or a risk of us causing damage. This includes:

  • Removing waste from attics or lofts, even if boarded
  • Accessing steep, unstable or damaged steps and staircases
  • Where there are parking issues such as having to cross a dual carriageway in order to access the waste

Preparing your rubbish for removal

As we are a man and van service we try and make clearing your rubbish easy - this means you can usually leave everything to do us. We will send a one or two person team depending on what we are collecting.

Our man and van team will collect your rubbish from inside, upstairs, outside – most locations, as long as it is safe to access. If you’re not going to be in you may want to move it outside or somewhere we can access it.

Generally it does not need to be bagged – we are happy to do a bit of running around to gather it all up. If waste is strewn in very small quantities over a large area you may want to consider bagging this waste to ensure we remove it all and to ensure there are no additional charges.

Our man and van team is happy to collect your rubbish from multiple locations on your premises including across several rooms, so there is no need to put it all in one location. It can be helpful when the waste is clearly separated or in one place, particularly if someone else is showing us what to remove, and also to help provide a quote. It can also make the clearance go a little faster and reduce disruption, but it is certainly not a requirement.


Bookings can be made online 24/7 or over the telephone, 7 days a week.

We only charge for what we have removed. If there is extra waste we will re-quote and take an extra payment or we can collect just what was originally booked in. We’re usually able to collect more rubbish on the day so if you do have some more items to add we will still get it all cleared.

If you have prepaid for a collection and we end up collecting less we will reduce the cost down and provide a refund for the difference.

We do offer all day arrival, AM, PM and 2 hour time slots. All day helps us to plan the most economical and environmentally friendly route. There can be some variation on the day as sometimes jobs can end up taking a little longer than expected.

Bookings can be changed and updated whenever you like. If you made an account with us you can do this from within the login area. You can also call or email us to make a change. We can usually accommodate most changes.

Bookings can usually be cancelled until we are on our way. Upon cancellation we will issue a refund, which can take up to 5 working days to appear in your account.


We charge a call out fee which is £35,00 to secure the booking. We will charge for the waste separately based off what we are collecting at the time of collection.

You can prepay for your waste online or over the telephone at the time of booking. This can save time when our team arrives to collect the waste and can be useful if you are not going to be in but the waste is accessible.

You can prepay for your waste online or over the telephone at the time of booking. This can save time when our team arrives to collect the waste and can be useful if you are not going to be in but the waste is accessible.

Our prices are all fixed based off the amount of waste we collect. We also offer fixed prices for specific collections types such as sofa removal. Fixed price jobs such as sofa removal are usually prepaid, as the final cost is known.

There are a few extras we charge which reflects the additional cost we incur.

Fridges, freezers and aircon units (anything with coolant) – £30 each.

These items are hazardous and must be specially processed to make them safe and ensure there is no environmental risk. Higher charges will apply for large commercial fridges.

TV / monitors / laptops – £10 each

These items are usually hazardous and must be disposed of at specialist facilities.

Mattresses – £15 each

These items are very difficult to recycle. They are usually recycled but have to go through a very manual process to achieve this result, which accounts for the additional charge.

Tyres – £6 each

Tyres are a specialist waste stream which must be disposed of at a specialist facility, adding to the cost.

We couldn’t asnwer your questions? Contact us for any queries that you may have. Would like to know more about us before making an online booking?

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